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AGA N033B 上主2
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AGA N033B 上主2
AGA N033B 上主1
AGA N033B 上主3
AGA N033B 上主4
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AGA-N033B 1200W Power Station

  • Features:
  • 【MULTIPLE OUTPUT CHARGES】Charging Your Phone,Laptop,Fans,Drone and Other Electric Devices at the Same Time
  • 【CHARGES AT HOME, ON THE GO, OR IN THE FIELD】Charging from the Wall, from the Car and from the Sun
  • 【PORTABLE POWR SUPPLYE】 Convenient to Move with Small size
  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY】No Messy Maintenance, No Noise Pollution
  • 【WARRANTY】 12 Months Warranty, Life Time Support.
  • NOTE: The AC socket can be customized according to different countries.

Ways to charge:

  • 36V/20A
  • Anderson/Solar Port  Max 500W


Ways to discharge:

USB Output

  • 2*USB A  QC3.0  5V/3A
  • 2* USB A  5V/2.4A
  • 2* USB C 100W

DC Output

  • 2* 12V/3A

AC Output

  • 110~240V 50/60Hz 1200W  (Pure sine save)



  • Capacity:20000mAh/48V (960Wh)
  • Rated Power: 1200W
  • Cigarette Lighter:  13.6V/10A
  • LED: Bright/Strobe/SOS Mode
  • Size (L*W*H): 387*228*316mm
  • Working Temperature: -10℃ (14℉) ~ 40℃ (104℉)
  • Charging temperature: 0℃ (23℉) ~ 40℃ (104℉)
  • Protective Function: Overload, Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Overheat, Short Circuit Protection
  • Warranty: 12 months


What's in the box?

  • AGA-N033B Portable Power Station
  • 1*AC Cable
  • 1*Product Manual

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Models AGA-N033B
Watt 1200W
Capacity 960Wh
Size (L*W*H): 387*228*316mm

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